What does Monkaw Or MonkaS Meaning in Chat?

MonkaW or MonkaS is an emoji used among users of the Twitch.TV streaming site. The frightened-looking frog is often used in the Twitch chat during moments of tension in matches, expressing the spectators’ anxiety, fear or confusion.

MonkaW MonkaS Meaning

What does MonkaW meaning?

MonkaW or MonkaS is a specific expression of the Frog Pepe, a character from the cartoon Pepe the Frog, created by Matt Furie.

Although he is better known as a Twitch emoji, this image of Pepe has been used on 4chan since 2011. MonkaS or MonkaW was incorporated into the chat on the streaming site only in July 2016.

Subsequently, he ended up popularizing on the internet in general, being easily seen on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Variations of MonkaS or MonkaW

The popularization of MonkaS caused many other variations of it to be created and incorporated into the chat.

These variations still represent the same anxiety as MonkaS, but with different levels. Some are more exaggerated, being able to express a state of shock, or even confusion with what is happening. Among them we can highlight:

Other Pepe emojis used on Twitch

What Does MonkaS Stand For

In addition to MonkaW and its variations, some other expressions of the Pepe frog ended up becoming emojis. See some of the most famous:

FeelsBadMan and FeelsGoodMan are two of the most popular variations of Pepe used in Twitch.

FeelsBadMan shows the frog with a very sad face, being used when the person is disappointed with what he is seeing. FeelsGoodMan shows Pepe with a smiling face, and is used to celebrate an achievement.

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