RAM 3500 Cummins Truck Diesel Price, Mpg, Specs

RAM 3500 Cummins Towing
RAM 3500 Cummins Towing

RAM 3500 Cummins Diesel Mpg, Specs – It’s very important for the Ram 3500 to have this engine. This can be a good point that can boost the performance of the car. Especially by discovering a part of the outside. This forces us to have a solid car that can take you anywhere. The other option comes from the 6.7 Turbo Diesel engine. This is the other engine capable of producing more powerful performance than the first. Based on this report, the second engine will provide 385 hp.

The second option may be larger, but Dodge has several things to do to choose the best engine. In this case, Dodge must look further to find the best car engine. In addition, we must also wait later for the car engine.

RAM 3500 Cummins Interior

The Dodge RAM 3500 Cummins presents a brand new design. This gives a new look that looks so fresh and dynamic. In addition, there are also other changes that come with the new design. First, it is said that the car is lighter, which can affect the performance and fuel consumption of the car. It is said that aluminum is chosen as the main material of the body of the car. It gives the body of a light car enough resistance against all types of terrain. As a result, Dodge did a great job selecting aluminum as the material.

The other change concerns its visual aspect. The visual of the car is radically altered, especially the front bumper of the car. The car comes with a huge and iconic RAM logo and a larger grille than before. It is covered with aluminum on each side and gives an elegant shade. All in all, the car is really elegant. It’s seen through the silhouette of the car designed with perfect sense. With its exterior, Dodge can get a huge increase in the sales rate. In this case, it becomes a huge improvement made by Dodge for the truck.

RAM 3500 Cummins Towing Capacity

The latest Ram 3500 Heavy Duty model features a powerful 385 horsepower engine with a capacity of 930 pounds. This engine will tow a maximum of 31,210 pounds – a staggering number. However, its maximum payload capacity is 7,390 pounds. Producing multi-terrain hikes could be an important element for the company when designing the cabin. The company needs to make improvements that put everyone at ease, even on the toughest terrain. The same is being attempted by Dodge through this 3500 Cummins RAM.

Dodge gives the cabin a really practical look and it’s something everyone should feel. The cabin looks very simple with a black color that covers almost every room seen through the dashboard and trim. The car decides to use a high quality material visible through its seat. It seems that the leather is chosen for this part. The panel is designed really neat without any exaggerated thing that could give the appearance of crowd. In addition, there is a glass holder placed in the middle as a minor addition that is really great.

RAM 3500 Cummins Weight Features

There is 10 inches of touch screen panel that welcomes any information. It will inform the driver of climate and weather information. All things make the cabin perfect and can be an important element that makes people interested in taking the car. The RAM 3500 Cummins HD looks a lot like the existing version and no visual style has been changed. However, the selected versions receive a new grille.

The trims are those of a trader, Bighorn, SLT, Laramie, Limited and Laramie Longhorn, much like the 2017 model. The front bumper has inlets for better engine cooling. The Tungsten edition is also available for the 3500 series. It offers additional chrome accents on the body, unique wheels and a special grille style. The model comes with 18 “x 8.0” aluminum pockets and tires in walnut: LT275 / 70R18E BSW AS. There are three cabin sizes: Mega Cab, Regular, Crew Cab.

RAM 3500 Cummins Price

The exact price of the RAM 3500 Cummins is not yet clear. However, the base price can start at $ 34,000. The most equipped version of the truck will easily reach $ 60,000 and up.

ram cummins 3500 hd mpg

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