New Ford Bronco 2020 Actual Pictures

A leaked pictures (shown above) published on on March 9 from what looks to be the within of a manufacturer seems showing the all-new Bronco fully undisguised in four-door form.

The window lines match with the leaked two-door variant pictures we saw earlier in the month, while round headlights appears to be identical to the people utilized on the camouflaged trucks pictured below.

New Ford Bronco 2020 Actual Pictures
New Ford Bronco 2020 Actual Pictures

There is a small chance this is actually a photoshop, but by what we realize, we think this could be the actual thing.

Pictures of the “Baby” Bronco Have Leaked

Pictures of what check out function as production Bronco Sport—the normal Bronco’s smaller, cheaper sibling—have made their way online via

The look matches around the SUV shown within a leaked presentation slide from an exclusive Ford event in November 2018. These pictures also look confirm the Bronco Sport’s name. Previously, it absolutely was thought the truck could utilize the name “Maverick.”

It Might Get yourself a Manual Transmission

Jalopnik reported in 2018 the Bronco could easily get a seven-speed manual transmission to be paired with Ford’s 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6. Presumably, if the Bronco does understand this engine, it’ll be paired with a 10-speed auto, too. In the Edge ST, Ford’s 2.7-liter makes 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, although it offers 325 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque in the F-150.

Documents online discovered in March 2020 by way of a forum user (and highlighted by The Drive) shows what be seemingly specs for a possible seven-speed Getrag manual transmission for the Bronco.

Called the MTI550, it is a modular transmission that may support five, six, or seven gears, with compatibility for rear- or all-wheel drive and hybrid powertrains. There’s also an selection for a “crawler” gear—a required tool for hardcore off-roading.

It Could Have These Cool Removable Door Pieces

A current Ford patent filing discovered by the forum shows what be seemingly removable door sub-assemblies with inner bars for the Bronco.

It may allow owners to eliminate just the inner the main door to believe open-air sensation and never having to feel the tedious procedure for removing the whole assembly. Underneath the inner piece sits a double-bar structure that protects occupants once the inner piece is removed. We’re curious to see if this makes production.

It Might Have Repackable Airbags

A patent recently filed by Ford and discovered by Car and Driver seems showing a style for side-curtain airbags that may actually be repacked after deployment.

Why? Well, the airbags can hinder driver visibility, and if you’re driving in a secluded off-road area where emergency assistance isn’t nearby, you’re better off just repacking the used airbags so you will see where you’re going. We’re curious to see if either of the features can even make production

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