Honda V4 Superbike Price, Specs

Honda V4 2019 Superbike
Honda V4 2019 Superbike

Honda V4 Superbike Price, Specs – Scheduled to coincide with Honda’s 70th anniversary, the new bike is planned to be a true V4 homologation special in the vein of the legendary RC30 and RC45. The details published last year gave a first clue as to the design of the bike. They showed a molded aluminum semi-monocoque chassis, similar to that of the Ducati Panigale, wrapping the V4 derived from the RC213S GP and designed to be cheaper than the hand-formed beam frame of this bike.

Honda v4 Superbike rear seats of the cast iron subframe – could be aluminum, but magnesium or even as a component – again supported by the rear bolt. Smaller parts of the frame and swingarm are mounted in the first row for the assembly after the impact. The new patented leaves little imagination, not the dress of the last bike.

Honda V4 Superbike Specs

The first reveals a new tail unit design designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. A pure single-seater, it carries air through the entrances on each side of the seat cushion and through a duct at the top to allow air to follow an uninterrupted path from the slope of the cyclist’s back. The ducts merge into a single outlet port between two rear lights. Tellingly, the patent specifies that there is a license plate bracket bolted underneath and indicators incorporated into the brake or rear lights. The patent also states that it has a V-four engine and a final chain transmission. A second patent connected reveals the design of the exhaust support and the footrest and confirms that the four cylinders are ventilated by a pipe mounted on the belly without exhaust under the seat type RCV.

The Honda system comes from the new patent and provides hoses to feed them in a storage box that will lead to a balanced format but a rather interesting way to replace the bank of the rear cylinder. The tank hose at the front, a bank and the work beneath the engine are pretty well salvaged just before the exit through the muffler into the small normal swingarm position on the right side of the bike.

But the bank’s rear cylinder pipe follows another path. Loop forward around the crankcase and back again to collect, and the silencer on the left side of the hole with a couple cut off the belly to release the gas. Complete exhaust systems, each of them having a distinct style, pressure adjusted by the auto-EXUP valve. The electronic system controls the behavior of the exhaust control.

Honda V4 Superbike Price

The front parts of these patent drawings are, however, only placeholders, showing a beam frame and fairing in the manner of an old RC211V runner. Other patents show a new nose and intake design with a lightweight triangular support structure for instruments, probably in carbon. It has a central aspiration similar to the current RC213V, but with tiny LED lights hidden inside.

The main air intake crosses the steering head and perfectly matches the design of the monocoque frame patented last year. The mirrors are also patented, with their own LED indicators in the mirror rods. For the purposes of the patents, this nose is shown attached to a four-wheeled online bike. But again, it is only a placeholder. This is the work of one of the same designers who is currently on the V4 project.

And Honda needs it. They build some of the most accomplished motorcycles on the planet, but the benefits they derive from racing tend to lose their appeal as they are designed for the road. This new V4 could capture this raw HRC magic and integrate it into a production bike. According to some hypotheses, he could leave next year as part of a celebration of the 70th anniversary of Honda.

The company was founded at the time of the 24 major merchants of 1948. Together, she also thinks she is supposed to provide a legal certificate. The WSB bike coasts the road as well as the Fireblade hospitality during the RC30 and the early death of blades to achieve this goal. It must fall under the price cap regulation. The price is 40,000 euros, WSB, but very impressive that is cheaper than the same at RC213V-S.

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