Decking out your new home

If you have just rented a place through one of the many letting agents birmingham, then chances are that you have already got a place of your dreams. However, nothing is perfect and there is always room for something more. Installing a deck is one of the best ways for you to jazz up your new property. Birmingham is a great place to sit outside and enjoy a hot cup of tea. You can unwind with your family and even have a great new home project while installing the deck yourself. However, before you start it is quite important that you check with your estate agent. Also, it is advisable to get a permit from the local authorities beforehand if needed. It saves up on a lot of headache later on.

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Here's a quick guide to get you started

Decking materials

Traditionally naturally weather treated and insect repellent wood used to be used to construct decks. However, with time composite decking is making huge breakthroughs. They are resilient and some even come with warranties upto 20 years. There is another material making the rounds; prefinished aluminium which is strong, weather-proof and rot resistant.

Location and Design

Once you decide upon the decking, you can start planning on where to install your grand project. It could be attached to your back door as a regular deck or you could jazz things up by creating one which is freestanding. There are many types of software such as by home centre which can help you design and plan your deck architecture.


There are many things that you need to keep in mind while building the deck.

- Solid Base

The footing of your deck is crucial and should meet with all local standards. You must also keep it way below the frost line.

- Ledger

If you are attaching a deck to your home, you need to level the ledger which is a large beam attached to the structure of your home. This is a key component in making your deck safe and solid.

- Support Frame

Next on the agenda is to ensure that joists are set properly after correct measurements and fasteners. You might need tools such as large engineer or try square.

Placing Board

You have already decided on the material so all you need to do now is ensure that boards or planks which you receive are of high quality. Avoid curved, cupped or knotted boards. Better the quality of your board, better your deck will look. Also, make sure that the fasteners may it be screws, nails are of exterior quality and labelled as deck.

While placing boards you need to space the boards apart. Weather makes wood boards expand and contract. If you are using prefinished aluminium then get an understanding from your dealer about the space you should leave in between.

Protective Finish

Once your boards are in place all you need to do is coat them with a protective finish and you are done.

Decks increase a property's value while providing you with more space. They are a great way to make use of available area to increase seating.